1. Home Remodeling Services
    Centra is a full services remodeling company with over 12 yrs in the remodeling business. Please contact us for all your home remodeling needs. We also offer, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, tile installation and other related services. If you need roof repair we can do it.Fully insured Texas corporation. Architectural and engineering services also available. Call Sam at 210-247-8309 for any service request.

  2. Carpentry services
    Please contact at 210-247-8309 for any professsional carpentry services, trim repair or installation, door repair or installation or any other carpentry work..

  3. Roof repair or new Roof installation
    Please contact Sam at 830-253-3493 for any home roof shingle repair or if you wish to install new roof. We have over twenty years experience in toof woro with references.

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